Empty Pitchers

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Season 1

The team existed for three seasons prior to the official start of the Empty Pitchers. Known as Last Call Clean All, this business sponsored team couldn't hit or field very well. Losing wore on everyone and soon half the team quit on the last game of the season, leaving Dave, Keith, Eric, Missy and Jamie short a few players.

Not wanting to disappoint the other team which paid to play softball against a team, Andrew, Jessica, Jenypher, Penny, Stacey and Jami answered an SOS for subs. They returned the following week for the playoffs to continue the losing tradition of Last Call Clean All.

The team colors changed from red to blue & white and a team website popped up. Blake joined for a few weeks before he was promoted to a higher level of play in Oklahoma. The team struggled on the field through an 1-8 season but didn't struggle off the field, knocking down pitchers till they were empty.

Blake eyeing Jenypher's pitching form

Eric eyeing Blake's throwing form

Everyone likes a montag of Penny and Eric batting

Closewise from left: Dave, Jenypher, Penny, the bartender, Andrew, Jessica, Jamie, Blake and Keith

Season 2

Additions: Kim, Frank, Nick, Scott
Departures: Dave, Jenypher, Penny
How could we forget?: Julie

A 1-3 start to the season only made the team drink harder.   The result?
The team finished 3-1 down the stretch before a pitcher-breaking first round playoff loss.

Jessica finished law school at the start of the season and Stacey finished medical school at the end of the season. The reduction of stress could have been one factor helping the team. The first signs of structured practices evolved and nicer bats popped up in the dugout. While our defense remained nothing to boast about, we began putting together at least one decent inning at the plate each game.

Though no discussion of awards took place that season, the lack of stress could have led to what many believe was Jessica's breakout season for the unofficial most-improved player. Jami would have won Asst GM for signing Scott. Most sensitive player was probably Keith, because if we don't give him the award, well, he might get sensitive on us.

From left: Jamie, Stacey, Julie, Andrew, Jessica and Ruthie

Season 3

Additions: Anne-Marie, Courtney, Lance, Ryan, Sarah, Tim
Departures: Eric, Frank, Kim, Missy, Stacey
How could we forget?: Shannon, Lance, Kristanna and the octopus

Someone spiked the kool-aid! After a lopsided opening game loss to nemesis The Band-Aids, the team put on a hitting and fielding clinic the remainder of the season. It wasn't the change in players but a couple batting and baserunning practices to stop common D-level gaffes and lingering odors. This was Andrew's breakout season with memorable plays at SS and his aptitude for clearing bases at the plate.

Unfortunately, the Pitchers never got their rematch with The Band Aids nor Anton Sport, who had to forfeit their 1st round game. Short three players in the 2nd round without enough subs to fill their places (the GM's fault), the great run came to an end... just like when a keg runs out.

Regular Season Results
L 19-5
The Band-Aids
W 14-3
@ Strategic Sluggers
W 15-5
@ Jokers Wild
L 8-7
Anton Sport
W 26-1
@ Los Diablos
W 19-8
@ Cytec Patriots
W 19-7
Playoff Results
W 16-4
Los Diablos
L 12-5
Jokers Wild
Regular Season Standings  [Runs For/Against]
7-0  [124/72]  The Band Aids
6-1  [109/40]  Anton Sport
5-2  [109/50]  Empty Pitchers
3-4  [68/85]   Strategic Sluggers
3-4  [52/99]   Los Diablos
2-5  [64/83]   Jokers Wild
2-5  [58/99]   Cytec Patriots
0-7  [35/91]   Pesto
Season Awards
MVP: Scott - hardly any walks and consistent hitting
Most Improved Player (must have one full season): Andrew - nary a game with an error nor a game without a HR
Asst GM Award: Ruthie for scouting Tim.
Most Sensitive Player: Keith
Co-rookies of the season Anne-Marie, Courtney, Ryan, Sarah and Tim.

Jessica struttin it in the field

Ruthie covering up the devil in her

What do you remember?: a head first slide, about to round third for home or Andrew tripping, stumbling and tagged out?

Did you know?

A couple logos didn't quite float like nice frothy foam in a tall cold pitcher...

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