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Empty Pitchers - Tempe Softball

Empty Pitchers

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Additions: None
Departures: None
How could we forget?: Amy, Christine, Dennis, Jenise and Jessica

Schedule - DNE
Jun 6th
L 14-7
Jun 13th
W 24-10
Where's Home
Jun 20th
W 12-11
@ Armadillos
Jun 27th
L 12-11
@ Warriors
Jul 11th
W 11-4
No Tan Lines
Jul 18th
W Cancelled
@ C Dogs
Jul 25th
W 15-7
@ Leftovers
Playoffs Start
Aug 1st
W Forfeit
Aug 8th
L 13-6
Regular Season Standings
 (Avg Runs For/Against)

6-1  (   15 / 7     )   No Tan Lines
5-2  (   13 / 10   )   Empty Pitchers
5-2  (   14 / 12   )   Armadillos
4-3  (   12 / 9     )   Ozone
4-3  (   10 / 12   )   C Dogs
2-5  (   11 / 14   )   Leftovers
2-5  (   10 / 13   )   Warriors
1-6  (   10 / 16   )   Where's Home
Season Awards
MVP: Connie
Most Improved Player (must have one full season):
Asst GM Award: Ruthie
Most Sensitive Player: Keith
Rookie of the season: None
Most Not Named Raoul: Jamie

Checklist - complete at least three
  • Avg 15+ runs scored/game
  • Avg less than 10 runs allowed/game
  • Break bread / drink pitchers
  • Solve question of Raoul
  • Two hrs of team charity work
  • First place regular seaon
  • Win tournament
  • Undefeated season

  • EP:  News & Fun

    Known Travel

    There are games on Father's Day and already four players will be missing.

    June 20th: Courtney, Jamie, Keith and Sarah (all four will be at a Lubbock, TX bingo tournament)

    July 11th: Courtney

    Skating Away

    Courtney and Jamie each picked up a gold with 1.5 wins while Ted took bronze with 1 win in freestyle air hockey.

    Silver Stripes

    Andrew, Jami, Jamie, Keith and Ruthie will display their Silver Stripes this season for having played all ten seasons of EP ball.

    The Linen White Stripes worn by Jamie and Keith represent their two seasons on Last Call Clean All.

    None of the players added in Season 2 are still with the team.

    Only a third of the third season's additions remain: Courtney and Sarah, who receive their Bronze Stripes.

    Ted earns his Turquoise Stripes for conpleting his fifth season of service.

    Our pitching machine, Jason, earns his Green Stripes and is the only rookie in EP history to lead the team to a tournament trophy.

    Fawn Stripes will be sewn to the jerseys of Connie and Ron, the only rookies in EP history to lead the team to a regular season first place finish.

    How good will Chad and Marlee look in their Papyrus Yellow Stripes? Fans will find out this coming Sunday.

    Preview:  The Silver Season

    Storylines:   After Keith Zollman won his salary arbitration case over the spring/summer break in the wake of an injury-plagued '09 season, he became Public Enemy No. 1 in the eyes of many Empty Pitchers fans.

    Fans looking for something refreshing can look forward to the promising sophmore seasons of Chad and Marlee after breakthrough rookie campaigns.

    Shares professed Empty Pitcher superfan, Debbie Downer: "Keith's contract will likely make it tough to keep our other stars beyond this season and most young stars suffer sophmore slumps."

    Fresh faces:   The Pitchers lose none, aside from a one-season leave of absence for Andrew until Keith reinjures himself. Lolo, aka Lauren of the Band-Aids, will sub when the opportunity arises as The Band-Aids take a season off before moving to Phoenix's fall league.

    The eight teams of ten:   EP stays on the top field: Dawson NE as the league drops back to its normal eight teams with the Warriors being the only team we've faced more than once. Chances for redemption against Armadillos and Ozone exist early in the season. No Tan Lines was the only team we did not face last season. As for the remaining three teams, the Leftovers were a formidable team on the SE field and should be counted among the contenders. Nothing is known about C-Dogs or Where's Home.

    Projects Debbie Downer: "With so many good teams, the odds of EP winning it all drop from a high percentage to just 1 in 8. With back to back seasons on the NE field, a third of the team will likely develop eye problems from staring into the sun."

    Page six:   Spotted having an intimate dinner at the Boston Market were Ted Organ and Winona Ryder. It's been a busy week for Ted who was spotted earlier in the week at ANOTHER Boston Market location chugging chicken with Penelope Cruz.

    Derek Jeter recently told TMZ, "My boy, Ted, taught me how to play it right."

    With her own take on Ted's charms was Debbie Downer: "Fewer than one in ten celebrity couples last more than ten years.

    On Deck:  Ozone / Native New Yorker
    Game time: 6pm
    Season: 0-0
    History: 0-1;
      Season 9:   L 11-10

    Ozone ended EP's previous season and they christen the new one.

    Ozone's squad is consisted of barbers from a barbershop named O-Zone on the northeast corner of Mill Ave and Southern Ave, next to the great petstore, Pets Inc.

    From our previous encounter, there is only one way to counter Ozone: outhitting, outwitting, outknitting and outfielding 'em. There is no chess match to be played between these two. Just hit 'em and roll the the runs across home. The guys love ripping singles over 2B.

    Vadrum plays The Simpsons
    Vadrum plays Super Mario Bros

    Brutus takes hairdresser exam
    Brutus & Honky Tonk Man rivalry

    We are the home team for the early game so take the field as we warm up.

    League: 3 S's

    Regular Season Standings
     (Avg Runs For/Against)

    0-0  (   0 / 0   )   Armadillos
    0-0  (   0 / 0   )   C Dogs
    0-0  (   0 / 0   )   Empty Pitchers
    0-0  (   0 / 0   )   Leftovers
    0-0  (   0 / 0   )   No Tan Lines
    0-0  (   0 / 0   )   Ozone
    0-0  (   0 / 0   )   Where's Home
    0-0  (   0 / 0   )   Warriors

    Sunday's scores

    Both semifinals last season appeared to be forfeits, with Better L8 Than Never and Ozone advancing.

    In the championship, it appears Ozone had to forfeit. We'll have to ask Ozone this season what happened.

    Upcoming games

    No Tan Lines @ Where's Home
    Tonight, the other teams from last season all face new opponents. Any victories by new teams this week will be a good gauge.

    C Dogs @ Warriors
    The Dogs of War is a Frederick Forsyth novel, a 1980 film based on the novel starring Christopher Walken and Tom Berenger, a Pink Floyd song and the name of both a Star Trek and The West Wing episode.

    Armadillos @ Leftovers
    What parts are left over when cooking Armadillo? Apprently you need to remove the glands from the legs and back before slicing into serving pieces.

    Tibetan Mountain Monk says:
    Every new season comes from some other season's end.

    EP, Tan Lines, Warriors and Leftovers

    Last week: 2-1
    Total: 70-36

       Week 1

    EP:  News & Fun

    Hot Chandler Nights

    In their opening playoff game Friday, they shut out their opponent 12-0. The Free Agents went undefeated this regular season, won fancy shirts that say Chandler Adult Sports but neglect the word champion. They also won a big trophy which was delivered to Native New Yorker postgame, as they are the sponsor.

    Known Travel

    There are games on Father's Day and already four players will be missing.

    June 13th: Chad and Ruthie

    June 20th: Courtney, Jami, Jamie, Keith and Sarah (four will be at a Lubbock, TX bingo tournament)

    July 11th: Courtney

    Sensitive Talk

    Keith returned to EP action and in his second at bat reached 1B, advanced to 2B with the next batter, then with the next hitter bowled over the SS and 3B with crushing forearm smashes and speared the catcher headfirst while tagging home with his right foot extended. Welcome back, Keith.

    Recap:  Heat + Ozone = Eat Zoo Hen

    June 6th  -  Ozone 14, Empty Pitchers 7

    Ozone:  4   0   3   0   2   3   2   = 14
    EP:         4   0   1   0   2   0   0   = 7

    The Empty Pitchers got buzzed and it wasn't by beer, it was by barber. While Ozone looked good all around, tt was an off night for EP on both sides of the ball. Defensively, the team had multiple error innings while offensively pterodactyls hovering above the infield had to beware the popups.

    Box Scores
    3-4, 2R
    3-4, 2R
    3-4, R, RBI
    3-3, R, 5RBI
    1-3, RBI
    1-3, pu
    0-3, pu, go Celtics
    0-3, pu, go Blackhawks
    0-3, pu, RIP Coach Wooden
    1-3, R

    There were plenty of bright spots in the game. Ted and Chad flew through the air towards each other as if gazelles on a trampoline to snare an outfield fly. Alas, I could only find footage of foxes on trampolines, no gazelles.

    Ron pitched an excellent first inning despite the four runs, most of which came on errors. Jason made a nice turn on a grounder to the mound for the 1-6-3 doubleplay while Courtney finally turned on her voice running down several flies to leftfield.

    Offensively, the goal of the night was for everyone to bat 3-4 except Jami, who planned to go 4-5. She got to 2-3 and the top of the lineup all got their three hits.

    Fungos: Plate perfection: Ron goes 3-3 while driving in 5/7 of the team's runs... Q: Why was the baseball team so bad in the heat? A: Because it had no fans... No fans in the stands for EP, unlike Ozone who had young hecklers... No dogs in the dugout... In three innings as at 3B Ted had solid throws to 1B... with EP runners at first and second, Marlee ripped a line drive which was caught then dropped, allowing the Ozone SS to double up our runners.

    Scouted: Their pitcher throws low, fast pitches which some our batters seemed to enjoy. She will toss short, then long to catch one off balance. Right field is the place to hit against this team. At the plate, one of their girls put an express mail stamp on a ball as it sailed beyond Chad and Keith.

    On Deck:  Where's Home
    Game time: 8pm
    Season: 0-1
    History: 0-0

  • On her way home from party, student gets lost in Chrysler plant.

  • Mathematical proof of Shizuo Kakutani's famous quote "A drunk man will find his way home, but a drunk bird may get lost forever."

    Scouting: Less than nothing is known about them as they forfeited this past week. There are rumors their pitcher is a 50 foot green giant but the scouts may have been talking about green beans.

    The team doctor has instructed the team NOT to empty pitchers before games with the summer heat. The usual: 7:30 warmup.

    Gaemplan: The goal last week was everyone to bat 3-4. A third of the team accomplished the goal. This week two-thirds of the team bats 3-4.
  • League: 3 S's

    Regular Season Standings
     (Avg Runs For/Against)

    1-0  (   19 / 10   )   Armadillos
    1-0  (   14 / 7     )   Ozone
    1-0  (   13 / 6     )   C Dogs
    1-0  (     0 / 0     )   No Tan Lines
    0-1  (     7 / 14   )   Empty Pitchers
    0-1  (     6 / 13   )   Warriors
    0-1  (   10 / 19   )   Leftovers
    0-1  (     0 / 0     )   Where's Home

    Sunday's scores

    Ozone 14, EP 7
    No Tan Lines, Where's Home (fft)
    C Dogs 13, Warriors 6
    Armadillos 19, Leftovers 10

    Dobson Ranch 12, AZ Devils 9
    Cerveceros 15, 1RD 3
    Black Sox 23, Sunday Hangovers 12

    Upcoming games

    No Tan Lines @ C Dogs

    Leftovers @ Warriors
    Leftover warriors are called veterans and we honored them this past weekend by skipping softball on Sunday and BBQ'ing on Monday.

    Armadillos @ Ozone
    Two A's with an I versus two O's with an E. The wild card letters: M vs Z. What does this all mean?

    Tibetan Mountain Monk says:
    Ahhh the mountain... where life is three degrees cooler.

    Pitchers, Tan Lines, Warriors and Ozone are not surefire bets.

    Last week: 1-3
    Total: 71-39

       Week 2

    EP:  News & Fun

    Hot Chandler Nights

    Hail to the Free Agents. Late in the semifinal game down 6-2, the team rallied with Ron sliding into home headfirst just beating the tag to take the lead. In the championship vs Victorious Secret, the FA ran away with the title and drank with VS's Jim and Brennan postgame.

    Known Travel

    June 20th: Connie, Courtney, Jami, Jamie, Ron and Sarah

    July 11th: Courtney


    Keith sported a Hello Kitty band-aid on his boo-boo'd finger. How will this affect this season's Most Sensitive voting?

    Getting old like dirt

    Both Jason and Jamie celebrated birthdays recently. Check out Caden's softball artwork using Star Wars legos for his dad's birthday below.

    Looks like Darth Vader and some stormtroopers are biding their time in the dugout while a robot animal plays 3B.

    Yes, that's one of the emperor's guards trying to bat with his long robes on. Then again, robes didn't seem to slow the Jedi as they swung the bats... err light sabers.

    Rumor has it the carpeting is lava... watch out Darth!

    Big innings

    Big Innings in EP History

    17 R vs Where's Hm 's10
    16 R vs 1st RD 's9
    15 R vs Big Ballas 's7
    10 R vs Tappa KB 's8
      9 R - three times

    Our Own Ugly Innings
    10 R vs Where's Hm 's10
    8 R vs 1st RD 's8
    8 R vs 1st RD 's8
    8 R vs GT Bombers 's8
    1RD scored 8 runs twice in the same game

    Recap:  No Trouble Finding Home

    June 13th  -  Empty Pitchers 24,  Where's Home 10
    WH:  10   0    0   0   0   = 10
    EP:      1   0  17   6   x   = 24

    It was a perfect night for summer softball. The sun set moments before the 8pm start and temps felt like the 70's. The Pitchers took the field feeling high on softball life but it all came crashing down. Five errors plus solid hitting from 9 of their 10 hitters generated ten runs before EP could get off the field.

    Jason, with renewed confidence at the plate after an admitted slump and now swinging not as hard, led off with a double. Jami stepped to the plate and began her


    ummm... where were we? Oh yes, Jami began her swing and generated a short popup. Ron stepped to the plate and moved Jason to third. Up came Connie, who saw a beautiful pitch and started


    errr.. Connie reached on a hard infield grounder but Jason was held at 3B, loading the bases for Keith, who jumped into the 5 spot (aka double cleanup) in just his second game back. The pitcher released the pitch, arching it into the air where it reached the top of its arc and began its descent towards home. Keith started his swing


    uhhh yes, Keith started his swing and crushed a shot for a sacrifice fly. Jamie coaching 1B asked the home plate blue to tell the WH catcher to refrain from talking during the pitch. The blue responded she was just directing the defense. Jamie responded "That's #@*#&!! Keep her mouth shut." The negativity led to Courtney's K.

    Box Scores
    4-5, 3R, RBI
    3-5, 2R, RBI, pu
    4-4, 3R, 2RBI
    4-4, R, 2RBI
    2-3, 3R, 2RBI, sac
    3-4, 3R, 2RBI, K
    4-4, 3R, 5RBI
    3-4, 3R, 2RBI, pu
    3-4, 2R, 4RBI
    3-4, R, 3RBI, BB

    Courtney's sacrificial strikeout left an aura that engulfed both teams hitters over the next inning and a half while EP clamped down defensively..

    Midway thru the third, EP's skipper challenged the team to bat through the order not once, not twice but thrice. However, accomplishing just 1/3 of the feat would be a job well done.

    All but two hitters batted three times in the third inning as EP bats silenced Where's Home while generating classy EP dugout noise.

    The hot defense and hot bats continued in the 4th and 5th innings as the team stamped a run-rule victory in the record books.

    Fungos: Courtney is has 4 wins in 4 lineups she has created... two more gazelle-like catches for Ted... a Google image search of "gazelle baseball" yields nothing... Ron has soiled the front of his shirt diving in three straight games... Jason struck out a player three times for the first time - all on curveballs... Anna and Caden were the two EP fans in the stands...

    Scouted: Pitcher spends little time between pitches. RF is their weakness. Their catcher will shutup when told to... twice.

    On Deck:  Armadillos
    Game time: 7pm
    Season: 2-0
    History: 0-1
    L 7-9 in S9

    AWOL: Connie (Lauren?), Courtney (Jenise), Jami (Amy), Jamie (Dennis), Ron and Sarah

    The Armadillos this sesaon have crushed the Leftovers who crushed the Warriors. They are one of the hot teams in the league.

    Scouting: Right field and right center will get 80% of the action. This team spends their entire time aiming for RF and with a 7pm game the sun will be at its worst for RF.

    Pregame: Hope all the subs show up.

    Gameplan: Defend the right side of the outfield at all costs. It is recommended to jam their batters inside.
    League: 3 S's

    Regular Season Standings
     (Avg Runs For/Against)

    2-0  (   24 / 4     )   No Tan Lines
    2-0  (   19 / 10   )   Armadillos
    1-1  (   14 / 7     )   Ozone
    1-1  (   16 / 12   )   Empty Pitchers
    1-1  (   15 / 15   )   Leftovers
    1-1  (   9 / 15     )   C Dogs
    0-2  (   9 / 17     )   Warriors
    0-2  (   10 / 24   )   Where's Home

    Sunday's scores

    No Tan Lines 24, C Dogs 4
    EP 24, Where's Home 10
    Leftovers 20, Warriors 11
    Armadillos over Ozone (fft)

    AZ Devils 17, Finish Strong 8
    Cleats & Cleavage 19, Jaguars 8
    Prancing Unicorns 25, Los Diablos 5

    Upcoming games

    C Dogs @ Leftovers
    While dogs eat many of the same things we do, their food is specially formulated to have the correct balance of fat/calories/protein/etc. Feeding your dog leftovers on top of their normal food could cause them to gain weight. With chicken and some other meats, you'll want to be careful of cooked bones.

    Warriors @ Where's Home
    The two 0-2 teams collide. The two W teams collide. The two teams with a letter used three times in their name ('r' and 'e' respectively) collide.

    Ozone @ No Tan Lines
    Ozone took it to NTL 16-10 last season.

    Tibetan Mountain Monk says:
    This past week Venus, Mars and Saturn were aligned. I'm not sure what it means to me.

    Leftover pitchers at home are a no-no.

    Last week: 2-2
    Total: 73-41

       Week 3

    EP:  News & Fun

    Hot Chandler Nights

    With softball done until fall, the team will be enjoying sand volleyball and other activities on Friday nights. If any EP players are interested in mixing it up on a Friday night, let Connie, Ron or Jamie know.

    Known Travel

    July 11th: Courtney


    Keith sported a Hello Kitty band-aid on his boo-boo'd finger. How will this affect this season's Most Sensitive voting?

    Who? What? When? Where?

    Six players all missed this past Sunday's game. Can you figure out who went where and why?

    A) Connie & Ron
    B) Courtney & Jamie
    C) Jami
    D) Sarah

    1) Lompoc, CA
    2) San Diego, CA
    3) Philadelphia, PA
    4) Milwaukee, WI

    i) Birthday
    ii) Graduation
    iii) Wedding
    iv) Work

    Highlight the white space below to see the answers:

    A-1-ii: Connie & Ron went to Lompoc from her nephew's graduation (and Father's Day).

    B-4-iii: Courtney & Jamie went to Milwaukee for her cousin's wedding (and a bridal shower for Courtney and Father's Day).

    C-2-i: Jami went to San Diego for a friend's birthday (Vanessa who has been an EP fan-in-the-stands.

    D-3-iv: Sarah was working in Philly (and by work it's implied she once again broke out the brass knuckles).

    Mountains of D-League Pressure

    Twice in season six Ruthie faced a mountain of D-League pressure. Would she once more come face-to-face with an enormous mountain of pressure this past Sunday?

    Find out... in the next column.

    Recap:  Fresh Arms Against Armadillos

    June 20th  -  Empty Pitchers 12,  Armadillos 11
    EP:     2   2   0   5   1   1   1   = 12
    Arm:  0   1   5   2   3   0   0   = 11

    AWOL: Ron ( Dennis ), Connie ( Christine ), Sarah ( Amy ), Courtney ( Jenise ), Jami (None) and Jamie (None)

    Written by Ron Jr. (aka Jason):

    With EP batting first, Jason led off with a great shot up the middle. Rounding first, Jason decided to channel Ron and make an attempt for an extra base. However, Jason found that there is not a substitute for Ron's base running. He also found it hurts to slide into 2B head-first while being thrown out. Jason's out did not stop EP from having a great inning, with Marlee, Dennis, Christine, Ted and Amy working the bats and running the bases with perfection. Dennis and Marlee both scored to put EP on the board. Jason struggled a bit pitching walking the first batter, but the defense was able to get the next three batters stranding an Armadillo at third.

    Chad started the 2nd inning crushing a ball in to the outfield, Ruthie went down swinging... more to come on Ruthie... then EP continued with solid hitting scoring both Chad and Jason in the inning. Back on defense EP looked to start the inning by locking down and getting two quick outs. However; Jason again struggled at the mound walking a couple more batters... EP's defense stepped up gain to only allow one run and stranding 3 others on base.

    EP went three up, three down in the third while the Armadillos found their bats and a couple of holes in EP's defense as they scored five and took a 6-4 lead.

    In the fourth EP was not to be outdone and with some solid hitting and excellent base running scored 5 runs of their own, ending the inning with Ruthie still struggling at the plate... Armadillo's were able to score 2 more runs to close the gap with EP up 9-8.

    The fifth started with Jason continuing the aggressive base running with success, having learned his lesson earlier. This put Jason in perfect position to allow Dennis to hit him in for the only run of the inning.

    The Armadillo's, not wanting to go home losers, placed shots into the outfield and scored three to take the lead 11-10, but EP stopped them with just enough time on the clock to start a new inning.

    The sixth inning started out slow with two quick outs and Chad on base as the tying run. Ruthie stepped up to the plate, with the game on the line and a runner in scoring position. Ruthie swung at the first pitch and missed... Ruthie re-set herself took a pitch for a ball and then set back, smiled at the next pitch and launched it over the shortstop's head moving Chad to third. Ruthie's hit was the best hit of the season and kept us in the game....CLUTCH. Jason drove in Chad to tie the game before the Armadillos came to bat.

    Trying to win in their last at-bat, EP's defense denied the Armadillos any chance of scoring - starting with an almost unbelievable catch by Chad in Right Center denying Armadillo's of at least a double and any chance of a quick win.

    Box Scores
    4-5, 3R, RBI
    4-5, 3R, 2RBI, pu
    4-5, R, 3RBI
    3-5, R, RBI
    3-5, R, 2RBI, pu
    3-5, R
    2-5, RBI, pu
    2-4, RBI
    2-4, 2R, RBI

    Now in extra innings with Marlee starting at second, Christine, Ted and Amy knocked some great hits to take the lead 12-11. Then came Armadillo's chance to win the game or force a tie. With a runner at second and a shot hit to Ted at short he was able to throw out the lead runner at third, leaving the tying score at first base. Jason was able to get his pitching under control and struck out a batter leaving only one out to go.

    With one of Armadillo's best hitters up to bat and after taking a ball, his big swing generated a pop up just over 3B's head. However, Ted ended his night at SS just like it started with solid play by running in gazelle-like fashion to snag the ball out of the air to record the third out. EP wins. Happy Fathers Day to us!

    Fungos: The four subs batted 12-19 (.632), scoring three runs and knocking in five RBIs. Excellent work... Ted made his first start and complete game playing SS. Asked afterwards how it felt playing SS, Ted said "I was playing SS? I thought I was playing left-center just a little shallower than normal"...

    On Deck:  @ Warriors
    Game time: 9pm

    Season: 1-2
    C Dogs 13, Warriors 6
    Leftovers 20, Warriors 11
    Warriors 14, Where's Home 11
    AWOL: None

    With the Band-Aids and Plan B gone from Tempe and 1st Round Draft, Final Round RamRod and GT Bombers no longer in our division, the Warriors are our lone rival left.

    The Warriors fit the perfect mold of an EP rival: the are talented both at the plate and in the field, they hold a winning record over are heads yet are very friendly and will joke around with clever banter.

    Some of the other great rivalries in history include:
    1. PC vs Mac
    2. Morning people vs Night people
    3. Alien vs Predator
    4. NES vs Master System
    5. Transformers vs Gobots
    6. VHS vs Betamax vs Video 2000
    7. Blonde vs Brunette
    8. Watch vs Clock on mobile phone

    Scouting: Warriors have two pitchers. Their female pitcher tosses vanilla. Their guy can work all parts of the plate with mesmerizing spin; the left side of the infield is stronger than the right side but they are solid everywhere in the field. Their females all have solid power and #2 likes to work all parts of the field - particularly right field.

    Pregame: Stay out of the sun... stay cool. See everyone around 8:30pm.

    Gameplan: This is a simple game: You throw the ball, you hit the ball, you catch the ball.
    League: 3 S's

    Regular Season Standings
     (Avg Runs For/Against)

    3-0  (   24 / 4     )   No Tan Lines
    2-1  (   15 / 11   )   Armadillos
    2-1  (   15 / 13   )   Leftovers
    2-1  (   14 / 12   )   Empty Pitchers
    1-2  (   14 / 7     )   Ozone
    1-2  (   10 / 15   )   Warriors
    1-2  (     9 / 15   )   C Dogs
    0-3  (   11 / 19   )   Where's Home

    Sunday's scores

    Leftovers 16, C Dogs 10
    EP 12, Armadillos 11
    Warriors 14, Where's Home 11
    No Tan Lines over Ozone (fft)

    AZ Devils 15, Black Sox 5
    Cerveceros 26, Sunday Hangovers 3
    Prancing Unicorns 18, Jaguars 11

    Upcoming games

    Leftovers @ No Tan Lines
    No Tan Lines does really well after a week off (aka a win by forfeit) and this will be their second time this season playing after a forfeit. Last time they beat the C-Dogs 24-4.

    Ozone @ Where's Home
    Ozone has forfeitted two consecutive 9pm games. With a 7pm start it's unlikely Where's Home's first win shall come so easy. This matchup will also feature the greatest fan heckler (the kid in the bleachers) vs the heckler on the field (the catcher).

    C Dogs @ Armadillos
    Armadillo gives the dog quite a shock as a hick videotapes the action.

    Dogs and armadillos... living together... mass hysteria...

    Pluto and the Armadillo

    Tibetan Mountain Monk says:
    It will be a good week for the Pitchers and those they have already beaten.

    No Tan Lines, Where's Home, Armadillos and Pitchers.

    Last week: 3-1
    Total: 76-42

       Week 4

    EP:  News & Fun

    Riddles of Raoul

    You go in me one way and come out three ways. What am I?
    Highlight whitespace between quotes: "   a t-shirt     "

    Known Travel

    July 11th: Courtney


    Andrew, about to embark on an even longer match than the record just set in Wimbledon, fouled up his ankle in the opening minute vs his wife / EP all-time-great Jessica.

    Obama's Future Map Czar

    Yes, both Courtney and Jamie hail from Wisconsin and shared an education with this County Supervisor who supports the boycott yet doesn't know Arizona borders Mexico?

    Miss Teen South Carolina was right! Some people out there in our nation don't have maps! We should help the Milwaukee, and everywhere, such as.

    How would you feel if you were the person she beat in an election?

    In AZ we need to boycott STUPID.

    If Ted Was Blonde

    Tune-age as you read:

    World Cup

    If you played for Brazil, What would your name be?
    This site will tell you
    Credit Andrew for finding this site.

    Recap:  Magic Doesn't Beat Warriors

    June 27th  -  Warriors 12,  Empty Pitchers 11
    EP:     0   2   0   2   2   4   1   = 11
    War:  0   8   0   2   1   0   1   = 12

    AWOL: Sarah (Amy)

    After being annointed as EP's newest top rival, the result this Saturday was heartbreaking. Three losses to the Warriors have come by a total of 4 runs and this was perhaps our most winnable game.

    Ron took the mound in the game's opening inning and with the EP defense took care of business with ease. Yet, the Warriors are students of softball and copied our style to keep EP at bay in the first inning. After one inning, the score liked like a World Cup score: nil-nil.

    Courtney and Jamie got things rolling in the second and scored off one of Keith's two RBI hits but that's all the team could muster. In the bottom of the second, the ball was a rollin' due to defensive errors and well-placed hits as the Warriors drove eight runs across home plate.

    Box Scores
    1-4, R, pu
    3-4, RBI
    1-3, 2RBI, sac
    1-4, K, pu
    2-3, 2R
    1-3, 2R
    3-3, 2R, 2RBI
    2-3, R, RBI
    2-3, R, 3RBI
    1-3, R, 2RBI
    1-3, R

    EP was able to clamp down on the Warriors defensively in the following innings despite multiple errors, allowing an average of only one run an inning.

    It was a rough night at the plate, however. Seven of the twelve batters had only one legitimate hit, though most EP batters reached base due to fielder's choices (grounders that led to force outs at other bases) or poor throws for errors by the Warriors.

    It was a pleasant night on the basepaths overall as eight of twelve EP players scored. Curiously, Connie with three hits never reached home. Word has it she's still, as you're reading this, stranded out there somewhere on base.

    After tying the game in the top of the 7th and getting the first two batters out in the bottom of the 7th, Jason gave up an uncharacteristic walk to a guy, allowing the next female batter to skip batting and take 1B. With runners at 1B and 2B, the outfield moved in to keep the lead runner from scoring on a single. The next Warriors hitter cracked a shot landing just near the warning track to score the game winner. EP battled back once more from an initial deficit but this time the opponent was victwarrious.

    Fungos: Pregame, sheriff's badges (stickers) were handed to three male players: Keith, Ted and Jason. The sheriff's batted 4-for-10 vs the outlaw's 6-for-9... Only one perfect night at the plate: Jamie goes 3-3 with 2R and 3RBI... four fans in the stands, including Marlee's and Ted's parents, who on their third appearance in the stands will be invited to sit with the team in the dugout...

    On Deck:  No Tan Lines
    Game time: 8pm

    History:  First meeting ever

    Season: 1-2
    No Tan Lines, Where's Home (fft)
    No Tan Lines 24, Where's Home 10
    No Tan Lines over Ozone (fft)
    No Tan Lines 16, Leftovers 4

    AWOL: Courtney ( Lauren )

    No Tan Lines has been swindled! They paid good money... no great money... to play in Tempe softball and have twice had nobody to play. In their remaining two games they have walloped their opponents, including a good Leftovers team, last season's SE field champ.

    Learn how to get rid of tan lines.

    Scouting: We know nothing firsthand. Last season, No Tan Lines was the only team on our field we didn't play and, like the Pitchers, finished 4-3, scoring an average of 14 runs while giving up 9.

    Pregame: Swing a bat after tossing a ball. Pregame radio show begins at 7:30pm.

    League: 3 S's

    Regular Season Standings
     (Avg Runs For/Against)

    4-0  (   20 / 4     )   No Tan Lines
    3-1  (   12 / 12   )   Armadillos
    2-2  (   15 / 7     )   Ozone
    2-2  (   14 / 12   )   Empty Pitchers
    2-2  (   13 / 14   )   Leftovers
    2-2  (   11 / 14   )   Warriors
    1-3  (   10 / 13   )   C Dogs
    0-4  (     9 / 18   )   Where's Home

    Sunday's scores

    No Tan Lines 16, Leftovers 4
    Ozone 15. Where's Home 7
    Armadillos 13, C Dogs 7
    Warriors 12, EP 11

    This past Sunday's games moved six teams into a tie for second place at 2-2.

    Upcoming games

    Armadillos @ Warriors
    Last season the Warriors gritted out a 10-6 victory over the Armadillos. Next season the Armadillos will drop 18 on the Warriors and win by six.

    C Dogs @ Ozone
    How insulted will these barbers be when they are asked Sunday night to groom these dogs?

    Where's Home @ Leftovers
    Soup always makes good leftovers because it almost always gets better with time and the flavors infuse. Lasagna is another great meal at home for leftovers.

    Tibetan Mountain Monk says:
    The mill does not grind without water. The monk does not make sports picks without the latest stats.

    The warzone empties of leftover combatants to a life of peace and solitude.

    Last week: 1-3
    Total: 77-45

    Mid-Season Review

    With a week off due to the holiday, here's some extra fat to chew:

    Coach Buttertuso stated these goals for us offensively: "I think our girls should be over .500 with a target over .600, and our guys should be over .600 with a target over .750."

    Shredding Coach's targets (and adding the pressure of the jinx since this is D-league softball):
    .909,   10-11
    .900,     9-10
    .833,   10-12
    .733,   11-15
    .714,     5 - 7
    .636,     7 -11

       Week 5

    EP:  News & Fun

    Riddles of Raoul

    When you have me, you feel like sharing me. But, if you do share me, you don’t have me. What am I?
    Highlight space between quotes for answer: "   a secret     "

    Known Travel

    July 18th: Ron
    July 25th: Marlee

    Ahwatukee Academia

    Andrew reports his daughter, Avery, less than a year old, has learned calculus.

    As Sarah Nunes knows (from her vigilante work and dating experiences): only confirmed facts are presented on this site and we have verified Andrew's claim.

    EP web editors have found Avery struggling with differential equations, aka diffy q's.

    Congrats to Keith for purchasing an abacus for Andrew & Jessica's baby shower.

    Above: Calculations to determine uncollected dollars owed by Empty Pitcher batters for popups are outsourced oversees.

    White Collar EP

    Staying clean Tuesday is Keith, who will represent the Empty Pitchers at the mandatory annual meeting with the City of Tempe's softball czar, Richard King. Give Keith a thank you Sunday for taking an hour of his time to pitch in.

    Recap:  No Ten Players

    July 11th  -  Empty Pitchers 11,  No Tan Lines 4
    NTL:   0   0   0   1   2   1   0   = 4
    EP:     0   1   5   5   0   0   x   = 11

    AWOL: Chad and Courtney

    No Tan Lines fieleded a team Sunday with only two of their regular players. That's commitment. Speaking of two regular players making a commitment, the pterodactyl knew last week but held off on an announcement until they could tell the team, but Connie and Ron are engaged! To each other!

    NTL was able to field nine players, the last a girl who had to borrow shoes from Jami (who brought free size 8 shoes for any interested EP player). However, the Pitchers started to settle down defensively, committing only a few errors while having a couple big innings at the plate.

    Jason and the defense held NTL to four batters each of the first three innings. Jason got an assist in the 3rd turning a hard grounder up the middle into a dribbler between Ron and Jamie, who made a backhanded toss to Marlee for the inning-ending force at 2B. The bottoms of the 3rd and 4th innings saw the Pitchers bat the top of the order thru the bottom of the order for five runs each.

    Box Scores
    3-4, 2R
    2-4, K
    3-4, 2R, 2RBI
    2-4, 2R
    2-4, 2R, 3RBI
    3-4, 2R, 3RBI
    1-4, R, RBI
    1-3, RBI
    1-3, RBI
    0-2, found missing watch

    No Tan Lines generated a small threat in the 6th placing runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs. The next batter crushed a shot to the LF warning track. A run scored from 2B but Connie's throw kept the runner from 1B from advancing to 3B and holding the hitter to a single. The next batter flied out, which the runner on 2B thought was the 3rd out, allowing EP to double up and end the inning.

    Fungos: Sarah was serenaded pregame by Jamie yet went on a date with another guy immediately following the game; Ruthie found her missing watch minutes before gametime, Chad was sick with collywobbles; Courtney traveled to Sacremento for her triennial jelly bean factory tour... Plate perfection: none, so we'll give a nod to Sarah who reached base all three times without a fielder's choice... two EP players wore pants in 100+ degree temperatures... Sarah rated her date a ground-rule double and will give him another at-bat.

    Scouted: Of their two regulars, their guy at 3B doesn't hit deep. Their girl at 2B easily landed several shots over 3B and fielded some hot shots.

    On Deck:  @ C-Dogs
    Game time: 9pm

    History:  First meeting ever

    Season: 2-3
    C Dogs 13, Warriors 6
    No Tan Lines 24, C Dogs 4
    Leftovers 16, C Dogs 10
    Armadillos 13, C Dogs 7
    C Dogs 13, Ozone 3

    AWOL: Ron ( ? )

    Cadoodle, Cairanian , Cairmal, Cairn Terrier, Cairland Terrier , Cairnese, Cairnoodle, Cajun Squirrel Dog, Cambodian Razorback Dog, Canaan Dog, Canadian Eskimo Dog, Canadian Inuit Dog, Canary Dog, Canarian Warren Hound, Cane Corso Italiano, Canis Panther, Canoe Dog (photo needed), Cantel , Cao da Serra da Estrela, Cao da Serra de Aires, Cao de Castro Laboreiro, Cao de Fila de Sao Miguel, Cao dos Mourey, Caravan Hound, Care-Tzu, Carlin Pinscher, Carolina Dog, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Carkie, Carnauzer, Carpathian Sheepdog, Catahoula Bulldog, Catahoula Leopard Dog (See Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog), Catalan Sheepdog, Cattle Collie Dog, Caucasian Ovtcharka , Cav-A-Malt, Cav-A-Mo, Cava-Chin, Cava-Corgi, Cava-lon, Cava-Shell, Cava-Tzu, Cavachon, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel , Cavanese, Cavapom, Cavapoo, Cavaton, Cavestie, Cavottish, Central Asian Ovtcharka, Cesky Fousek, Cesky Terrier , Chabrador, Chacy Ranior, Chart Polski, Charlie Feist, Chatham Hill Retriever, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Cheeks, Cheenese , Cherokee Monarch, Chesador, Chestie, Chi Apso, Chi-Chi, Chi-Chon, Chi-Poo, Chien D' Artois, Chiens Francaises, Chigi, Chihuahua, Chilier, Chimation, Chin (See Japanese Spaniel), Chin-Ocker , Chin-Pin, Chin-wa, China Jack, Chinaranian, Chineranian, Chinese Crested (hairless), Chinese Chongqing Dog, Chinese Crestepoo, Chinese Frise, Chinese Imperial Dog, Chinese Foo Dog , Chinese Shar-Pei, Chinook, Chion, Chipin, Chippiparai, Chiribaya Shepherd, Chiweenie, Chizer, Chonzer, Chorkie, Chortaj , Chow Chow, Chow Shepherd, Chug, Chussel, Cierny Sery, Cirneco Dell 'Etna, Clumber Spaniel, Cluminger Spaniel, Cock-A-Chon, Cock-A-Mo, Cock-A-Tzu, Cockalier, Cockapin, Cockapoo, Cocker-Pei, Cocker Pug, Cocker Spaniel, Cocker Westie, Cockeranian, CockerShnauz, Cockinese, Cojack, Collie (Rough and Smooth), Colonial Cocker Spaniel, Combai, Confetti Australian Shepherd, Continental Bulldog, Continental Toy Spaniel (See Papillon), Copica, Corgi , Corgi Basset, Corgidor, Corillon, Corkie, Cosheltie, Coton De Tulear, Coton Eskimo, Coton Tzu, Cotonese, Cotralian, Coydog, Crested Cavalier, Crested Schnauzer, Crested Malt, Crested Tzu, Crestoxie, Cretan Hound, Croatian Sheepdog, Crustie, Curly-Coated Retriever, Cypro Kukur (photo needed) , Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, Czesky Terrier (See Cesky Terrier)

    Scouting: The C-Dogs have ladies who can hit to all fields.

    Pregame: 8:30pm. We'll warm up and test our neutering and spaying equipment.

    League: 3 S's

    Regular Season Standings
     (Avg Runs For/Against)

    4-1  (   15 / 6     )   No Tan Lines
    4-1  (   14 / 10   )   Armadillos
    3-2  (   13 / 10   )   Empty Pitchers
    2-3  (   11 / 9     )   Ozone
    2-3  (   12 / 14   )   Leftovers
    2-3  (   11 / 13   )   Warriors
    2-3  (     9 / 12   )   C Dogs
    1-4  (   11 / 13   )   Where's Home

    Sunday's scores

    Armadillos 12, Warriors 10
    C Dogs 13, Ozone 3
    EP 11, No Tan Lines 4
    Where's Home 15, Leftovers 10

    Upcoming games

    Where's Home @ Armadillos
    The Armadillo's home ranges (besides Texas) as far east as South Carolina and Florida and as far north as Nebraska; they have been consistently expanding their range over the last century due to a lack of natural predators and have been found as far north as Illinois, Indiana and southern Ontario.

    Warriors @ No Tan Lines
    Who has better lack of tan lines? Someone who walks around in the nude or someone completely covered in armor?

    Leftovers @ Ozone
    The leftovers after an ozone molecule absorbs a photon of light between 200-300 nanometers (1 billionth of a meter) are an oxygen molecule and an oxygen atom, which can then react with another ozone molecule to form two oxygen molecules.

    Tibetan Mountain Monk says:
    Great scott... two consecutive weeks picking only one correct game. At least the pick I got right was the Pitchers.

    Armadillos have tan lines over it's body, empty of any other features.

    Last week: 1-3
    Total: 78-48

    Benefit Concert

    Lead EP rocker, Ted, is participating in Konner Dowdy's Cancer Benefit Concert this Saturday at Long Wong's at the firehouse in Tempe.

    Start Time: July 17 at 10:00am
    End Time: July 18 at 2:00am

    1639 E. Apache Blvd in Tempe

       Week 6

    EP:  News & Fun

    Riddles of Raoul

    Nothing on the outside. Nothing on the inside. Lights as a feather. Yet ten men cannot lift it. What is it?
    Highlight space between quotes for answer: "   a bubble     "

    Known Travel

    July 25th: Marlee

    Former Faces

    Ryan Ozias, the former 3B for EP's seasons three thru five, sends his best along with his success stories figuring out Raoul's riddles. He hasn't latched on to a softball team in north Phoenix but he continues to read the recaps while playing baseball with his two young boys.

    Band-Aid Trophy Game

    Saturday night, August 14th, the week before entering City of Phoenix softball, the Band-Aids will host a scrimmage against the Empty Pitchers.

    Whitespace filler

    Pterosaurs, whose Greek meaning is "winged lizard", are often referred to as pterodactyls, Greek for "winged fingers".

    They existed from the late Triassic to the end of the Cretaceous Period (220 to 65.5 million years ago). Pterosaurs are the earliest vertebrates known to have evolved powered flight. Their wings were formed by a membrane of skin, muscle, and other tissues stretching from the legs to a dramatically lengthened fourth finger.

    Many sported furry coats made up of hair-like filaments known as pycnofibres, which covered their bodies and parts of their wings.

    Pterosaurs are sometimes referred to in the popular media as dinosaurs, but this is incorrect. The term "dinosaur" is properly restricted to a certain group of terrestrial reptiles with a unique upright stance.

    Recap:  Lightning Scares C-Dogs

    July 18th  -  Empty Pitchers and C Dogs both pick up win

    AWOL: Ron ( Andrew )

    We all saw the lightning as we drove to the field... but we warmed up anyways. Five minutes before first pitch, the power went out and the ballfields emptied. So let's learn about lightning:

    1. Lightning is not confined to thunderstorms. It's been seen in volcanic eruptions, extremely intense forest fires, surface nuclear detonations, heavy snowstorms, and in large hurricanes.

    2. A moving thunderstorm also gathers positively charged particles along the ground that travel with the storm. As the differences in charges continue to increase, positively charged particles rise up tall objects such as trees, houses, and telephone poles—and people.

    3. If your hair stands up in a storm, it could be a bad sign that positive charges are rising through you, reaching toward the negatively charged part of the storm. That's not a good sign! Your best bet is to get yourself immediately indoors.

    4. If you can hear thunder, you are within 10 miles (16 kilometers) of a storm — and can be struck by lightning.

    5. Most people hurt by lightning while inside their homes are talking on landline telephones at the time. Who the heck still has a landline in their home?

    Fungos: Both Jamie (ankles - both) and Marlee (back) were injured during warmups; three fans in the stands: Marlee's and Ted's folks and Lisa;

    Scouted: When it rains, Dos Gringos has specials: $2 house margaritas (very strong and tasty) and $1 shots. Ted and Lisa make a formidable bean bag toss team.

    On Deck:  @ Leftovers
    Game time: 7pm

    History:  First meeting ever

    Season: 2-4
    Armadillos 19, Leftovers 10
    Leftovers 20, Warriors 11
    Leftovers 16, C Dogs 10
    No Tan Lines 16, Leftovers 4
    Where's Home 15, Leftovers 10
    Ozone 15, Leftovers 9

    AWOL: Marlee ( ? )

    When leftovers are generated from home-cooked food, refrigerate them promptly. Contrary to popular opinion, food should not be left out to cool. If leftovers are not put into the fridge to chill within two hours, they should be discarded. Particularly large batches of food should be broken up into a series of smaller containers to ensure that the food cools quickly. If you put hot leftovers directly into the fridge, which is the best practice, leave the lid off until the food cools down. The same rules follow for foods brought home from restaurants and delis.

    Freeze your leftover tea in ice cube trays with a mint leaf or a curl of lemon zest–even a slice of lemon. Use the frozen cubes to chill and flavor iced tea when serving. Great for large batches or individual servings.

    Whenever you have leftover bread on hand that won’t be eaten in time before it goes stale, wrap well then freeze. You can grate the frozen bread easily and make your own breadcrumbs or croutons.

    Scouting: The Leftovers finished atop the SE field last season. They have several girls who can drill the ball well past the outfield line, so don't give up any long balls.

    Pregame: Warm up by cleaning out the leftovers in your fridge. Don't show up at 6:30pm with dishhands.

    League: 3 S's

    Regular Season Standings
     (Avg Runs For/Against)

    5-1  (   14 / 7     )   No Tan Lines
    5-1  (   14 / 9     )   Armadillos
    4-2  (   13 / 10   )   Empty Pitchers
    3-3  (   12 / 9     )   Ozone
    3-3  (     9 / 12   )   C Dogs
    2-4  (   10 / 13   )   Warriors
    2-4  (   12 / 17   )   Leftovers
    1-5  (   10 / 16   )   Where's Home

    Sunday's scores

    Armadillos 17, Where's Home 6
    No Tan Lines 11, Warriors 7
    Ozone 15, Leftovers 9
    EP vs C Dogs - Cancelled

    Upcoming games

    Warriors @ Ozone
    Soviet and U.S. atmospheric nuclear test explosions of large weapons in 1952-1962 were calculated to result in a reduction of more than 10 percent in total ozone. Yet observations showed no reductions in ozone.

    Armadillos @ No Tan Lines
    How often do the two top teams meet in the finale?

    Where's Home @ C Dogs
    Read about the amazing dog who traveled 3,000 miles from Indiana to Oregon to return to its master.

    Tibetan Mountain Monk says:
    My bookie says there is no correlation between performance in the final game and playoffs.

    Ozone, Pitchers, Tan Lines and C-Dogs. Two syllable names carry special meanings in the afterlife.

    Last week: 2-1
    Total: 80-49

    Playoff glance

    An EP win guarantees the #2 seed (and a 9pm game next week), as EP has beaten both first-place teams who face each other Sunday.

    A loss would drop us likely no worse than the #4 seed.

    Win or lose in our finale, we may be playing Leftovers again in the first round of the playoffs.

       Week 7

    EP:  News & Fun

    Riddles of Raoul

    What kind of flower sends its dad a birthday card?
    Highlight space between quotes for answer: "   a sunflower     "

    Known Travel

    Aug 1st: Ted

    Band-Aid Trophy Game

    Saturday night, August 14th, the week before entering City of Phoenix softball, the Band-Aids will host a scrimmage against the Empty Pitchers.

    Double Rainbow

    Pulling into Tempe Sports Complex, a double rainbow was visible (though one-tenth of the double rainbow was visible). What did it mean?

    Empty Pitchers Voting

    Is Keith more sensitive than the double rainbow guy and the rest of the Empty Pitchers? Who was most improved? Will we have an MVP? And will season ten's end lead us any closer to the identify of Raoul? Only full-time players may vote.
    Click to vote

    Make Your Mark

    Post your thoughts on the recent game / upcoming concerts at right and they'll now immediately post!

    For all other EP-related thoughts (practices, strategies, website suggestions, etc), check the comment section in the laboratory.

    Bar Shots

    Chad and Ruthie...
    Cubs and Cards...
    Blue Moon and Bud Light...
    Eyes open and eyes closed...

    Recap:  Leftovers Left in Heat

    July 25th  -  Empty Pitchers 15, Leftovers 7
    EP:   1   7   1   6   0   = 15
    LO:   4   1   2   0   0   = 7

    AWOL: Marlee ( Jessica )

    The longer the Leftovers stayed in the hot Arizona heat, the worse they looked. Let this game forever remind you to always put leftovers immediately in a fridge or freezer.

    It could have been Avery's debut in an EP dugout or it could have been all-around solid play from the Pitchers that led to the foul taste for the Leftovers.

    With strong winds blowing in from RF, all three pitchers met the challenge to deliver good pitches to swing at. Behind the EP aces the defense made few mistakes, limiting the Leftovers' run and bacteria production. Edging Connie and Jami for the top web gem, Jason snared a smash up the middle for the 1-3 force.

    Box Scores
    1-4, R, 2pu
    3-4, 2R, pu
    3-3, 3R, 2RBI
    1-3, 2RBI, pu
    3-3, R, RBI
    1-3, R, RBI
    3-3, 3R, RBI
    2-3, 2R
    3-3, R, 2RBI
    1-3, RBI
    2-3, R, 3RBI
    2-3, 2RBI

    The bottom half of the order set the tone in the second inning as Jason, Jessica, Keith, Chad and Sarah all reached. Sarah had the only baserunning gaffe of the game in the inning. She was on third and there was no runner on 1B forcing her to run, yet she took off without checking the SS who fielded the groundball. We need to play sharp on this field, especially come playoffs next Sunday.

    We were one batter from batting thru the order in an inning twice this game. Credit to the guys with perfect and near-perfect nights. We had more level swings, choosing to pound the ball hard on the ground rather than sending easy, catchable long balls (though Jessica's long ball was impressive to watch).

    Fungos: Leftovers have given up 15 runs in three consecutive games... Jason gave up his one walk and Ron got his head-first slide, often prerequisites to a win... Plate perfection: Jamie, Jason, Keith and Ron... Jason's dog, Lurch, made his EP debut... Tilted Kilt served up crafted beers and foods postgame. The ladies checked out Connie's wedding dress pics. Jason took half his pizza home as leftovers.

    Scouted: The lady Leftovers are lefties... or at least it seems. It seemed to be an off night for the team. The guys settled for base hits up the middle and towards left field. Defensively, their SS didn't have the greatest arm...

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