Empty Pitchers

Plasma Fusion Swing Count:

34 inches, 28 ounces

Detailed history is not available but this bat has averaged more than 1 homerun a game during it's lifetime.

Update 9/29/08 This is a conservative estimate based on 6 batters batting 3 times and connecting two times per at bat in each game over 3 seasons.

Catalyst Swing Count:

32 inches, 25 ounces

This is a conservative estimate based on 6 batters batting 4 times and connecting two times per at bat in each game and 150 initial break-in swings.

Around 300 hits, the bat started launching balls and the team scored 23 runs in 3 innings before the game was called.

At some point, the bat will go dead and it'll be good data knowing how long this type truly lasts.

Update 9/29/08 Still hitting well halfway into season 5. We'll estimate 5 batters have used it for 4 games, 3 times per game with 2 pitches per at bat with one set of hands: 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 120 swings to be added to 375 = 495.

Nemesis Swing Count:

34 inches, 26 ounces

First swing: Jamie's hard line drive single up middle
First homerun: Keith's towering down RF line in Nemesis' 2nd at-bat
First game stats: 7-9 via Jami, Keith and Jamie
  • The Nemesis is a combination of R900 Carbon Fiber and tempered alloy to help durability. The R900 provides 38.8% higher tensile strength and 40% higher elongation than industry standard carbon fiber.
  • The Nemesis features Mikens EST Technology, otherwise known as Extended Sweetspot Design technology providing extra long barrel construction for more power.
  • The Dynamic Flex Ratio 180 provides increased handle recoil for added distance to lower swing speeds.
  • The Ballistic Cross-linked System provides 300% higher elongation for increased resilience at impact, more durability and better barrel rebound.

Who are our other bats?

We have Smacky Sr (34") and Smacky Jr (32"). These black bats both retail for less than $30 which make them great practice bats and horrible game bats. We also have The Green Machine (34") and Big Red (32"). Green Machine is a decent option for guys looking to avoid a popup to the OF with a single and nothing more. Big Red is the senior citizen of our group, having lots its pop, making it a great practice bat with the rest of the bats in this group.

Empty Pitchers Spring Training

These are some basic fundamentals that work more often that not. Practice your swing mentally when before you fall asleep - it's a great trick. Most of these videos are 90 seconds.

Tips for slowpitch softball

  • Take at least five swings while on deck.
  • Focus on hands & wrists the first swings, watching the imaginary pitch hit the sweet spot of the bat.
  • Work the hips & feet the next swings.
  • Put it all together for two last swings.
  • Don't swing at your first pitch. Watch it to get the timing, location and eliminate jitters.

How rotational power is generated by the hips

6 steps to a successful swing

Power comes from the ground up.

1. Load - lift front heal, weight back
2. Step - short, soft & straight
3. Launch hips - BOOM!
4. Contact
5. Extend - through the ball
6. Extend again

Practice in front of a mirror

Increase bat speed

Advanced stuff only if you have a bat... but not a bad exercise to do while on deck or before a game.

Use your legs in your swing

Are you better with legs straight or bent?
Whichever you do, stay tall from the waste up.

Keep your head still - chin over belly button - you can move anything else you want.

Baserunning: Tagging up

Baserunning: Scoring from 1B on a Single

Fielding - Outfield: Movement

Stand ready on the balls of your feet.

FREEZE - don't move until you know where the ball is going.

Fielding - Outfield: Catching flyballs

Outfielders have priority over infielders in catching a flyball.

The centerfielder(s) has priority over the RF or LF in calling for a flyball.

Do not hold your glove over your face/eyes to catch a ball. Hold glove to side so you can see the ball into your glove.