Over time there have been many questions asked about Blowhole Bob (most of these questions being asked by myself).

Many are good questions but, unfortunately, are not funny when answered in comic strip form.

So here I take the easy route and just respond directly to all inquiries. I hope you find it satifying! Q: If Blowhole Bob has grown from a baby to a man, wouldn't he not be tall enough to breathe normal oxygen? A: Good question but easily explained by simple geology and the studies of oceanic sciences. A combination of rough currents have eroded the sea floor level to the point it is now - a hard rocky plateau. He's safe for awhile as long as the ice caps don't melt!

Q: How and what does he eat?   A: Well, he puts food in his mouth using his hands - just like most of us when we eat. His ocean friends, such as Kippur the Jewish Dolphin, are smart enough to know he needs his food brought to him. Very co-dependent, watch out ladies!

Q: How old is he?   A: In the good spirit of cartoons - he ages but he doesn't. Does that confuse you? A better question is how old is this cartoon strip? Dates are certain but most likely 1991-92.

Q: Wouldn't there be a lot of vegetation around him from all the nitrogen- enriched deposits made by Blowhole Bob?   A: What a sick question! Again, strong currents but it may make for an interesting comic strip someday if the currents die down.

Q: How heavy is the ball on the chain?   A: That's been my biggest question but unfortunately we'll have no way of knowing until we find a scale for it.

Q: Does BB speak English or some other Latin-based language?   A: He is half-alien so I wouldn't be surprised if he remembers basic languages from his infancy. That really is a great question. Probably the best one of this list. I heard there's a forum on the internet somewhere on this topic. On a separate but related note, you may read the adventures of Blowhole Bob while on vacation in the following countries under the following titles:

El Orificio Nasal Bob (Cuba)
Blasen sie Loch Bob (Germany)
Souffler le Trou Bob (France)
Sopre Buraco Bob (Portugal)
Soffiare il Foro Bob (Italy)
Blas Hull Bob (Norway)

Q: Does Blowhole Bob have a girlfriend?   A: Blowhole Bob is a looking for love but unfortunately never finds it. Blowhole Bob would love to find a message floating by in a bottle from you.

All comics copyrighted 1992-2012.